Month: September, 2015

Cheryl Selfie Blog

September 18, 2015 Cherly Rivers Blog 0 Comments

We have all heard the term “selfie” being used more and more the past few years. After taking a selfie with my daughter, Jordan I realized I had no choice but to move forward with my smile makeover. I never linked the color of my teeth, they were very gray—a side effect of well water I drank as a child. Bleaching my teeth would never improve the color of my teeth—it would only make them very splotchy. In the past when I took a professional photograph I always paid extra to have my teeth professionally enhanced in the photo.



September 18, 2015 Hollie Chilton Blog 0 Comments

Wellness Put into Action

The word “wellness” has become more popular in recent years and its approach to placing focus on a person’s overall health has changed the way that I practice as a dental hygienist. I spent years frustrated by bleeding inflamed gums and periodontal infections that I couldn’t seem to get under control despite my best efforts. Little did I know that there were some very key elements missing


Blog from Lynette

September 18, 2015 Lynette Lawrence Blog 0 Comments
What an exciting time to be a dental professional!

Unlike most regions of the body the oral cavity is perpetually populated by microorganisms and their harmful by products. The oral cavity contains over 500 different pathogens and is the GATEWAY to the inner body. With the benefit of today’s technology we are constantly discovering more about the undeniable relationship between the oral cavity and systemic health. What an exciting time to be a dental professional!


Case Study: Widow Maker

September 17, 2015 Dr. Wade Case Study 0 Comments
  • White Male, Age: 67
  • Medical History:
  • Heart Attack (Widow Maker in August of year Feb 2012)

Patient has had no obvious symptoms or headaches and no chief complaints of oral cavity. Has been taking his meds consistently after heart attack and gets regular check ups from his cardiologist and general physician. He has retired recently and keeps busy training and breeding labs. He stays on frequent hygiene recall with our office.


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