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September 18, 2015 Lynette Lawrence Blog 0 Comments
What an exciting time to be a dental professional!

Unlike most regions of the body the oral cavity is perpetually populated by microorganisms and their harmful by products. The oral cavity contains over 500 different pathogens and is the GATEWAY to the inner body. With the benefit of today’s technology we are constantly discovering more about the undeniable relationship between the oral cavity and systemic health. What an exciting time to be a dental professional!

The dental hygiene professionals with their highly detailed education, find it truly rewarding discovering the freedom and support that is associated with practicing wellness dentistry. It is empowering to respond to each individual patient with their unique needs as a TRUE CLINICIAN – treating the body as we know it to be – a whole entity. It is very rewarding to educate our patients using every aspect of our knowledge to lead them to healthier life.

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