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CASE STUDY: Resorption or Decay?

March 17, 2016 Natalie Evans Case Study 0 Comments

Resorption is an uncommon and troublesome dental condition in which the body’s own cells eat away and dissolve tooth structure. It can at times be confused as decay on a dental x-ray. It also can be very aggressive and quick to destroy healthy tooth structure.

See the 2 dimensional x-ray here.


Here you see two teeth (premolars) both with resorption not decay. The distal of #20 has been restored with composite due to easy access from the missing tooth. However, the outcome is not as favorable on tooth #21. See the cross section view of tooth #20 and #21 in a 3Dcone beam scan.

Now you begin to visualize that more of the tooth has been effected and makes the prognosis poor.









The first question was resorption or decay?

The second question is how would you treatment plan this area now?

  • Fill tooth #21.
  • Crown tooth #21
  • Root Canal and Crown #21
  • Extract #21 and place Implant
  • Extract #21 and #20
  • Extract #21 and 20 and place Implants in site #19 and #21 and restore with an Implant Supported 3 unit Bridge

Once again, a great reason to begin to utilize the high-tech imaging method of 3D cone beam computed tomography. It can help make treatment planning in advance more accurate.

Could THERMAGRAPHY be the next best dental diagnostic???

January 15, 2016 admin Case Study 0 Comments

If you had thermography image 1asked me six months ago about my opinion on Thermagraphy, I would have had to say WHAT??? But man, if you asked me today about my opinion on THERMAGRAPHY I would be giving you a big high five and a WHAT WHAT!!! I have had many amazing opportunities to co-manage patients with some wonderful doctors that really get it! Especially the influence that the mouth or at least an unhealthy one can have to the rest of the body. Dr. Katherine Woods and I were so proud of ourselves on this one patient that is the base of our January case study. Dr. Woods had identified this seemingly healthy young lady as being very anxious about heart disease due to the fact that she had lost her father early in life from a heart attack. Of course she opted for advanced inflammatory and heart health testing. Dr. Woods quickly processed her results and found large amounts of inflammation.


Case Study: Widow Maker

September 17, 2015 Dr. Wade Case Study 0 Comments
  • White Male, Age: 67
  • Medical History:
  • Heart Attack (Widow Maker in August of year Feb 2012)

Patient has had no obvious symptoms or headaches and no chief complaints of oral cavity. Has been taking his meds consistently after heart attack and gets regular check ups from his cardiologist and general physician. He has retired recently and keeps busy training and breeding labs. He stays on frequent hygiene recall with our office.


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