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September 18, 2015 Cherly Rivers Blog 0 Comments

We have all heard the term “selfie” being used more and more the past few years. After taking a selfie with my daughter, Jordan I realized I had no choice but to move forward with my smile makeover. I never linked the color of my teeth, they were very gray—a side effect of well water I drank as a child. Bleaching my teeth would never improve the color of my teeth—it would only make them very splotchy. In the past when I took a professional photograph I always paid extra to have my teeth professionally enhanced in the photo.

When self-reflecting on the last year I’m excited to say the BEST thing I did for myself was to move forward with my smile makeover by Dr. Jill Wade. I was turning 50 and Jordan was planning her wedding. Knowing that the photographer for my daughter’s wedding was not going to be concerned with the darkness of “the mother of the brides’ teeth”, it was an exciting time for me to utilize Dr. Wade’s expertise. I’ve seen so many beautiful smile transformations throughout my 14 year journey of working side by side with her. It was easy to have trust in Dr. Wade and with her attention to detail I knew I would be overly thrilled with my results.

My dental adventure started with a dental implant needing to be placed because I had a baby tooth remaining where a permanent tooth never formed. Once the implant was placed it was time to match the crown to the color I DID NOT like… or move forward with porcelain crowns to complete a beautiful color and smile I had always dreamed of. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my smile—thank you Dr. Wade for sharing your amazing artistic talents of creating smile designs with me! I’m now ready to take many more selfies. What a WOW moment for me—feeling 50 and like an empowered woman with my new smile! I feel confident, fabulous and pretty darn sassy!

I look forward to sharing my new smile with everyone I meet and would encourage anyone struggling with the decision of moving forward with their smile makeover at Stonebriar Smile Design to not wait a minute longer! It will be the best decision you make, I promise!

Guest Blog written by Cheryl Rivera , Register Dental Hygienist at Stonebriar Smile Design.

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