Relevance Health is committed to providing progressive and relevant education to healthcare providers in an affordable, efficient, and effective manner online. The health of a patient is a fine balance between medicine, dentistry, and genetics. Experts in their field are contributing to this philosophy daily but how can you keep up with everything and afford to travel to conferences continually. We believe their MUST be an online answer. A place to provide expert knowledge outside of the traditional manner. Online curriculum will allow you and your team to support each other in taking a subject matter you have heard about and turn it into a viable service you can provide your patients.

Dental wellness is the next revolution in dentistry. Helping your patient’s maximize their oral health will lead your practice to success. You and your team will learn the basic foundations behind the oral systemic links and comprehensive dentistry.

The philosophy of preventive medicine or functional medicine is growing rapidly. Yet many practices are still searching for how to create a viable insurance independent model. Relevance Health believes that the business of medicine can learn from the business of dentistry on how to create patient experiences that are valued and therefore the patients are willing to consider investing in their own health and well being. The natural synergy to co-manage patients from both specialties simultaneously becomes more apparent as science continues to link the oral cavity and the systemic body together.

A centralized learning platform will help us support each other. A site that we can send our colleagues too in order to gain more knowledge and education about other specialties. Sharing expertise will allow all of us to provide superior care to the public. Relevance Health believes there is no right way or wrong way to care for a patient… only the way you have knowledge of. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it.

“I am a dentist in Alabama and I want to practice this type of wellness dentistry. I want to provide my patients quality care that will help them not have a heart attack. But when I go out into the community and share the science with my local doctors and cardiologists, I get very little results. I feel like I keep banging my head into the wall!”

“I am a concierge doctor and I cannot find any dentist in my area that is even performing advanced testing for periodontal disease. They keep saying the patient is fine, but I know better because their inflammatory markers are on fire and their diabetes is out of control. I get so frustrated. How can I find a dentist that gets it?”

Join us in the new era of prevention.

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