Cheryl RiveraRDH Hygiene Director

Cheryl has been working with Stonebriar Smile Design since 2002 and has 30 years of experience in her field of dental hygiene. Her focuses include educating patients and teams on oral health and wellness as it relates to family history as a method of prevention. Cheryl naturally has a why to identify with patients and make them value what she has to offer, learning skills from such an expert is essential.

Erin SmithDirector of Technology

For the past 4 years, Erin has been instrumental in creating and supporting Dr. Wade’s vision of Relevance Health. She is the back bone to the business and a technical genius. Her passion to spread the word about this preventive message keeps her motivated and future focused. Her talents allow the business to create amazing online functions that enhance learning for dental and medical teams in the comfort of their own offices.

Wendy O’RourkeChief Operations Officer

Wendy O’Rourke was added to the executive team as COO. Her unique skills of experience will strengthen the business. Wendy’s background as an accountant, business owner for over 30 years, online teacher, and Master of Leadership Education will lead our adult education to a new level. Her project management skills, human resources, and leadership style will create an efficient and focused executive team.

Jill WadeFounder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Jill Wade has enjoyed utilizing her natural artistic talents to enhance smiles for over 20 years. She and the team at Stonebriar Smile Design practice dental wellness and are pioneers in the profession of dentistry. Dr. Wade leads dental professionals to co-manage patient's along side medicine. Her passion for the total health approach to patient care inspired her to open a unique facility of like-minded health care professionals that combines medicine, dentistry, and genetics. Relevance Total Health also houses our center for education. She believes that educating professionals must have an online answer to make it more economical and efficient.

Hollie ChiltonRDH Hygiene Consultants

A little over 4 years ago I graduated from dental hygiene school with no intention of being a dental hygienist for long. I’ve always had a passion for educating and helping others but after practicing traditional hygiene for a couple of years I realized the mundane, predictable work wasn’t for me. I wanted more stimulation, more opportunities to further my education, and to feel like I was making a difference in my patient’s lives.

Lynette LawrenceRDH Hygiene Consultants

As a talented hygienist for over 20 years, Lynette’s passion shines through daily. Her soft spoken yet genuine style allow patients to be relaxed while learning from her broad knowledge base. She has devoted her entire career to study and learn about how the systemic body can influence her patient’s oral health. Teaching others professionally may not come easy to Lynette but she organizes and perfects her message and the result is a wonderful blend of graceful teaching.

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