7 Strategic Steps to Create a Progressive Dental Wellness Practice



This Strategic guide was designed to help you start thinking about 7 of the critical aspects to create a Progressive Dental Wellness Practice.

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The journey towards implementing the oral systemic links concept into a dental practice can be overwhelming. Where to start? How to learn? How to educate the importance to patients? How to get medical professionals on board in your area? The answer is simply a START! There is no right or wrong answer. The wrong answer is not to start at all. No matter where your current knowledge is… there is always a next step. This strategic guide was designed to start helping you think about 7 of the critical aspects of the journey.

The 7 Strategic Steps:

  • Overview of the Circle of Health Concept
  • Use Technology to Reveal the Roots Cause
  • Calibrate Hygiene to Create a Strong Foundation
  • Team Dentistry – Find Your Wellness Coordinator
  • Marketing New Wellness Ideas
  • The Relevant Science to Total Health
  • Find Tune the Machine of Systems and Protocols

Dr. Wade is an international lecturer on dental wellness and laser dentistry. Her successful high-tech cosmetic and general dentistry practice in Frisco, Texas focuses on comprehensive and positive experiences for patients while achieving quality results. She is committed to educating the public and dental professionals on health and wellness and that relationship to the oral cavity.

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