Case Stories


Dr Jill Wade and her incredible team at Stonebriar Smile Design began a new way of learning back in 2016.  We realized that many great learning/teaching cases were coming into the office.  They were wonderful examples of co-managed patients.  The only problem was the only people learning from the cases was the doctor, the hygienist and the patient.  None of the other team members were able to learn what had happened so profoundly in another room.  Therefore, we came up with the idea of presenting to the entire team case stories.  In hopes that by sharing, we could all have time to learn more about wellness and share other ideas or solutions.  The key to the presentations was to share the STORY and the MAIN learning point of the case.  We have now made this valuable information available to assist you in your journey towards dental wellness.

These case stories:

  • Tell the journey from conception to completion
  • Provide excellent examples of problem-solving
  • Review the clinical building blocks
  • Connect the dots of wellness links


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Take the first step towards learning about the oral cavity and the role it plays in your patient’s health or “un”health.

Dr. Wade is an international lecturer on dental wellness and laser dentistry. Her successful high-tech cosmetic and general dentistry practice in Frisco, Texas focuses on comprehensive and positive experiences for patients while achieving quality results. She is committed to educating the public and dental professionals on health and wellness and that relationship to the oral cavity.

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