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  • 7 Strategic Steps to Create a Progressive Dental Wellness Practice


    This Strategic guide was designed to help you start thinking about 7 of the critical aspects to create a Progressive Dental Wellness Practice.

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  • Case Stories

    Dr Jill Wade and her incredible team at Stonebriar Smile Design began a new way of learning back in 2016.  We realized that many great learning/teaching cases were coming into the office.  They were wonderful examples of co-managed patients.

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  • Hygiene with Heart Mentor Days-LIVE

    Are you ready to be one of the most progressive hygienist in the country? Then you are in the right place at the right time! There has never been a better time to practice dentistry than now! We are leading the way in preventive health care.


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  • Progressive Practice Mentor Day-LIVE

    Would like the opportunity to see first hand how a progressive practice runs and functions?  Join the team of Stonebriar Smile Design in Frisco Texas and observe a highly functioning team perform wellness dentistry.  Dr Jill Wade spent years creating systems and protocols to provide five start service in a team dentistry environment.

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  • Smile with Heart Mentor Days-LIVE

    Having a wellness program in the dental office is imperative for helping your patients achieve optimal health by treating patients with an appreciation for the oral-systemic link. To really implement a wellness program means having systems in place to take your patients through steps and educate them along the way.

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  • Strategic Virtual Mentoring-VIRTUAL LIVE

    LEADERSHIP! It means something different to everyone. I believe that first we must be leaders of ourselves before we can lead others effectively. As a leader, you must have a vision of what success looks like. Where do you want go? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What is your dream?

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