April 15, 2016 Natalie Evans Blog 0 Comments

Unhealthy Education


I had a wonderful opportunity to visit with a forward thinking interventional cardiologist yesterday! I was impressed with his willingness to learn and hear more about dentistry and the oral systemic connections, and all the wonderful new less invasive procedures he is performing.

BUT I was BLOWN AWAY with one of his statements. He stated he couldn’t believe how little he was taught in school about health and wellness. WHAT?????  REALLY????  He was completely serious. He said at maximum it was two days of his entire career. It seems as though I keep getting glances into how our HEALTHCARE issues got started. Our training never started with HEALTH it only focused on the CARE to give of the disease.

Educating ourselves, our team and our patients on HEALTH sounds like the first place we need to focus more attention on. How do you feel about this highly intelligent, highly trained, expert in the field of cardiology’s statement?

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